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    Hello, Nanook!!!!!!
    Thanks to some really obvious indicators I learned from you recently, I am happy to share my biggest hit yet.  I had just increased my play from .15 cents because I saw the SRP formations repeatedly showing up during the first 5 minutes but the game was not paying on the the left rows 1,2,and 3. I made the adjustments and just felt something was about to happe  (I hardly got any KTR symbols when I was on. 15 cents). I  increased and remembered something I read in the masters forum to told me to read last month.  So in one 3  X .75cent spin, look what happened…. $1,849.80!!!!! Just 2 spins before the big one I had RM blackout and then the fat lady sang and made everyone upset who had been there all day. I had just been sitting there 5-10 minutes. Of course I gave gifts to the 3 players next to me as I always do.
    Thanks again, Nanook for all of the hours and $$$ you and your team have invested to help people play smarter through the SRP methodology.
    Anonymous / SRP member


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    $7,800 jackpot for a $4.05 bet – I only put $100 in this machine and used your technique

    Catie / SRP Member

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    I just wanted to thank you for the techniques provided in the Secret Garden! I started with $100.00 and after several keys to riches & trash can bonuses, I was able to bring my balance to over $781.00 on just one machine. I eventually cashed out at $700.00. The SRP techniques worked just as stated in the SRP. I can’t wait to try again next month!

    Michele / SRP Member

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    Catie / SRP Member


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    we went to local casino today and I tried Bombay strategy on Bombay it did go well and stinking rich I got V shape KTR bonus I was betting 50×3=$1.50 I got 25 or 20 free games I don’t remember free games start to going bad I got $40 on 15 games and last second spin I got the Rich lady first lane and wild second and 3rd lane and fourth and five rich lady linked so its show 101020 points under the screen me and my wife shocked and it wasn’t jacpot but we cashed out $1170 it was awesome. I got out from casino $1100 with $100 bankroll thank u Nanook finally I got it I guess

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    Hasan / New SRP Member

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    Thank you – I sent you some good jackpot pictures from my other email on Bombay slot machine using the technique.

    Catie / SRP Member

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    Rich Lady with wild was matched during Keys to Riches Bonus

    5 free spin paid $525.10

    Bet Amount: 15 cents (15 X 1)

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    I love the slot machine, Stinkin Rich.  I have had numerous nice hits on the machine and tend to gravitate towards this machine everytime I am at a casino.

    When I saw this website, I was excited and at the same time skeptical.  I reasearched it and found negative comments on the Slot Machine Forum-people calling “the secret” a scam.  I debated with myself and finally decided, “What the Heck”- some nights I lose this much if not more at the casino.  If “the secret” can help me, it will all be worth it.  If not, just another lose.  I took the dive and made the investment.

    I spent some time studying then decided to head to the casino to give “the secret” a try.  Had $105 free play from the casino.  Was able to play for 5.5 hours and left the casino with $220. (Got up to $400 at one time.)  I will donate 10% and still paid for “The Secret”  WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!  The strategies worked as described,, although we still have to practice some more.

    Overall, extremely happy that I made the investment with Stinkin Rich Project.  Customer service is also awesome!!  I emailed them about 3 different times and Nanook was very prompt and helpful in his responses.

    If you are reading this and are debating whether or not to make the purchase, just do it!  You will not regret your decision.

    Good Luck with those “One Armed Bandits”!


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    Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the techniques provided in the SRP v.4.0 Secret Garden! I started with $100.00 and after several keys to riches & trash can bonuses, I was able to bring my balance to over $781.00 on just one machine. I eventually cashed out at $700.00. The SRP formation and SRP technique worked just as stated in the SRP.

    Thanks again,

    Michele / SRP Member




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    first time using project at Borgata

    Hi Nanook! Just wanted to let you know I recently joined your project and tried it this weekend in Atlantic City. I couldn’t find any machines that were touch screen sensitive in the casino. So I was only able to offset and double click. Plus I would miss a lot of the KTR bonuses because I was only betting 15 lines (had to increase to 50 lines). But I was able to convert my free play ($350) into $450 cash, which made me very happy since I can only make half of the free play into cash in the past . Wanted to thank you for sharing your techniques!  And I will be sharing part of my winnings with a local non profit agency.

    Scarlett / New SRP member

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    An email from SRP Member after using SRP v.4.0 SG

    Hey I wanted to email you to let you know how I’m doing with your strategy since I purchased it a couples months back.

    I started out with 60 bucks in the machine, and i left with 130, went up to 228 at one point. The other night, I went up to almost 400 when i was down to 60 bucks and played for like 4 hrs on 60.00.

    I had a lot of people looking at my slot and wondering how in the world am I getting all those bonus rounds and they can’t even get one in 25 minutes, and I have to say it feels pretty good :).

    So I just want to thank you for your tutorial and I’ve been away for awhile…but luckily I discovered a new strategy on top of what you have taught me and I believe this is the best way for me to go, so far i haven’t lost money so that’s good and I’m not usually that lucky to get that many bonus rounds so it must be something that I’m doing that generates this sort of payout.


    Wendy / SRP Member

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    Hello Nanook!
    The first set of photos is the result of a 107 multiple re-triggered play. It was exciting to watch since I had only been sitting at the machine for less than 15 minutes!


    Anonymous / SRP Member



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    srtmiami / SRP member

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    This past weekend we enjoyed our SECOND winning Stinkin’ Rich casino trip! We decided to play using the SRP technique. Over the two day trip we were able to profit over $1200.00, this now brings our total to over $1900.00. The first day we started with 15.00 in free play and hit a “Keys To Riches” bonus on a (15×3) bet, we were able to cash out over $600.00 in profit. The second day we were lucky enough to find a loose machine that gave us multiple “Keys To Riches” bonuses at bets of (15×3 and 15×2). We again cashed out over $600.00. We used the bonus round strategies presented in the “Secret Garden” and they paid off just as promised! We are so grateful for you being generous enough to share your SRP findings! I have attached the pictures!
    Thanks again.

    Mhykay / SRP Member

    Bet Amount: 45 cents (15 X 3)

    Bet Amount: 30 cents (15 X 2)

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    Nanook, Like to thank you for the SR Project SG it worked well. I used it the last two days and came out ahead $500. I will be using it a little more once I master the program.

    Thanks again!!

    Billmac44 / SRP Member

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    Hello Nanook,

    Again I visited my local casino here in Florida. Put $60.00 in a Bombay and after $10 I saw the SRP’s sign, raised the bet to 2x 84 and after I have used half of my $ 60 I got the bonus, 30 spins. After 20 of them I got all wilds on wheel 2 and 3  and 3 on the last, that in combination with the coins gave a total bonus win of $1238.00  !!!!!
    One hous later my wife put $100 in an other Bombay and  bet 1x 81 lines, after about $20 we saw the SRP sign again, raised to 3x and 15 spins later she got the bonus 15 spins  after 10 spins she got the elephants and the coins together with all wilds excepte the bottom two on wheel 3 and 4. Total winning 231065 credits….$2310,65   We used a total of $160.00, but most of all we use your technic and bet up after the signs.
    Thanks again Nanook

    Leif F

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    Hi Nanook,

    I have some great news…  I upgraded to SRP v.4.0 and  I am SO GLAD that I did.  Last night I read through the project, today I re-read the project, and took some notes.  I decided I would go to the casino with my notes and give the new techniques a try.

    Not surprisingly, the new techniquest in v.4.0 worked like a charm!!  After I found a “loose machine” I thought I was doing good when I got the stacked wilds 50×2 ($94.60).  I continued to play this “loose machine” and while using SRP v.4.0 technique, I hit a jackpot 25×3 ($601.50) See attached photos.

    Thank you for sharing the SECRET GARDEN with us!!

    -Tammy / SRP Member

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    I bought the SRP 4.0 SG with Bombay 1.0 included.   I am not a SR player but always play Bombay slot machine. I prefer the quicker movement.  Just like your program shows I have also identified certain trigger points BUT not as good as yours.

    Yesterday I read the Bombay project fully and glanced at the SR project. I went to the local casino – knowing it would be a slow night and the limited Bombay slot machines would be open. I played 3 machines – one had little reaction to your system but also appeared to be in the last leg of the 200+ spins without a bonus. Then I played the one next to it and while I saw VERY FAST results on your system – I must have been in that 3rd leg as that party ended soon but I made a little money. Then I sat at a corner machine and it NEVER LOOKED BACK………..I won $1,700 in about 3 hours.

    I hit MANY bonus spins and also had a multi re-trigger that paid out like crazy. I hit the silver pans and stacked wilds (paid at $3) for a win of $696.00 and several others that paid nicely – naturally a few paid nothing or very little – ok not an issue.

    There are NOT a lot of Bombay slot machines at the local places here – many are newer versions and they are VERY popular – more so than SR – maybe because of better betting control and faster action???   ANYWAY – I am not a major gambler and I just go for fun – BUT I am a statistician and love the idea of the trigger points found out – as I said I found a couple of my own that are fairly reliable but also call for heavier bets.
    OK – good investment of my money so far and I had a LOT of fun with it – NEVER expected to win $1,700 – that was sweet – I have a few photos but not great ones as I was trying to NOT cause attention to myself…….wish I had the whole few hours filmed for you – it was sweet………………looking forward to getting this system down pat and maybe trying out SR – if I can get one down I can get the other one……….Thanks so much ………

    Suzana / SRP member

  • Feedback from SRP Member – Big Win!

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    We are going to Vegas Tuesday and last night I went to warm up on SR at one of the local game rooms here in town. I played 25 cents X 25 lines and on my 3rd.  by using SRP technique, I hit the Fat lady and wilds. The next thing that showed up on the screen was a Jackpot of $5512.00

    John / SRP Member

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    Bet Amount: $1.50 ( 15 cents X 10 )


    Perry / SRP Member

  • Stinkin Rich Project Story from SRP Member – Stinkin Rich slot machine (Mohigan Sun Casino)


    I always play Stinkin Rich so sometimes I have to wait to get a machine, this night was no different. It took about an hour before I got a machine, there was this guy and his wife playing one dollar bets and getting nothing in return, when they gave up on the machine I jumped on it. Well I put a twenty dollar bill in the machine and started playing without SRP, just playing normal to see if it would start giving bonuses or if the wilds would come up. The machine sucked up my twenty like it was nothing. I put another twenty in the machine and now I started to SRP technique  and it started to pay off. Well this went on for about a half hour and my money went up to around one hundred fifty dollars. I thought now is the time to raise my bet. I started playing three, four and five dollars per bet, now I was practicing SRP and it was working like a charm still getting the bonus and the wilds. The wilds were lining up and giving me money almost on every spin. When the bonus would come up I would do the same and I use one of SRP techniques, now I went up from my one hundred fifty dollars to around eight hundred dollars. I thought maybe I should cash out and go home and call it a lucky day, but I didn’t I hit the button one more time, this time I just used other SRP technique and the keys lined up, this was on a five dollar bet. I started working the SRP technique, almost every spin was a money spin. When the bonus was over the machine printed out a ticket for over nine hundred dollars and still left my money in the machine. Well I said to my self that nine hundred dollar ticket is going home with me and I kept playing. I got the bonus again by doing the same thing, but now I have a small circle of people around me and the machine watching to see if I was going to win more money and to see what I was doing. I told them to go to your website and check it out. After a few spins I got the bonus again, after a few spins on the bonus I got wilds and the old lady, the bonus paid over five hundred dollars. Now the best thing I could do is to go home before I lose. But the machine was still good. So the lady sitting next to me was telling me a hardship story where her husband has cancer and can’t work and they just came up to relax and play just a little. Her machine was not doing very well. I wanted to do a good deed for someone, so I asked her to take over my machine, the people around me wanted it but she deserved a break in life so I gave it to her. I told her to play fifty cents times two or three and explained one simple SRP techniques. She put her last twenty dollar bill into the machine, within five minutes she was up to over a hundred dollars. I said good luck to her and left the casino with $1,800.00 in my pocket.

    Harold / SRP Member