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    <About Stinkin Rich Project>

    The Stinkin Rich Project (SRP) is known as the free slots bonus spin generator. Nanook found this secret after playing only one video slot machine “Stinkin Rich Slot Machine” which is the most popular video slot machine in US and Canada casinos for more than 8 years. There are three different version of Stinkin Rich Project available. Each version are sharing basic formation to trigger free spin bonus (Keys to Riches bonus), and new powerful techniques were added on upper version of SRP. New SRP techniques has more faster and better results to create free spin bonus, and all new SRP techniques are verified in land based casino in USA and Canada.

    Each version of SRP includes how to find a loose Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. with SRP members can save hundreds dollars of bankroll by testing each slot machine with less than $20.00.

    The main  goal of Stinkin Rich Project is sharing the exciting moment of getting Free slots bonus Spin of Stinkin Rich slot machine with this secrets of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. However, many people still believe that Casino slot machines are all programmed with RNG (Random Number Generator), they think it is impossible to predict when free spin bonus is triggered.

    We know that it is not easy to change people’s perception because it is too good to be true. There is only way to prove our system works. It is showing the results with pictures and feedback from SRP members who actually learned our system.

    This site is launched to prove that SRP Team and Nanook can generate free spin bonus with SRP techniques. SRP is not required any illegal tools or illegal activity to play slot machine. All we need is ten fingers.

    Unlike other how to win series books or video, the stinkin rich project team has been updating new techniques and tactics to members who purchased the Stinkin’ Rich Project since SRP v.2.0 Professional, the first complete version of Stinkin’ Rich Prject was published. Currently, SRP v.4.0 SG, the lastest version of SRP, is available only at the official store of SRP. All SRP members are sharing their experience and winning results after using the secret at the SRP Masters Forum where we support SRP members.


    However, this secret is not for everyone. If this secret is taken by someone who cannot control emotions while playing the stinkin’ rich slot machine, it would be a big disaster because all steps and rules can be ignored when he or she lose emotional control at casino.  However, if this secret is taken by the matured people who always do homeworks, they can beat the Stinkin’ Rich video slot machine easily like Nanook and SRP members.

    We added Bombay Project v.1.0 EQ that works on Bombay slot machine, which has same math format. BP 1.0 EQ is also available at www.stinkinrich.net.

    Plying slot machine is fun and exciting, but it is not a fair game because casino always has better winning odds. With SRP, all slot players can play the fair game with great advantage.

    Welcome to the Stinkin Rich Project.


    SRP Team