• Stinkin Rich Project Story from SRP Member – Stinkin Rich slot machine (Mohigan Sun Casino)


    I always play Stinkin Rich so sometimes I have to wait to get a machine, this night was no different. It took about an hour before I got a machine, there was this guy and his wife playing one dollar bets and getting nothing in return, when they gave up on the machine I jumped on it. Well I put a twenty dollar bill in the machine and started playing without SRP, just playing normal to see if it would start giving bonuses or if the wilds would come up. The machine sucked up my twenty like it was nothing. I put another twenty in the machine and now I started to SRP technique  and it started to pay off. Well this went on for about a half hour and my money went up to around one hundred fifty dollars. I thought now is the time to raise my bet. I started playing three, four and five dollars per bet, now I was practicing SRP and it was working like a charm still getting the bonus and the wilds. The wilds were lining up and giving me money almost on every spin. When the bonus would come up I would do the same and I use one of SRP techniques, now I went up from my one hundred fifty dollars to around eight hundred dollars. I thought maybe I should cash out and go home and call it a lucky day, but I didn’t I hit the button one more time, this time I just used other SRP technique and the keys lined up, this was on a five dollar bet. I started working the SRP technique, almost every spin was a money spin. When the bonus was over the machine printed out a ticket for over nine hundred dollars and still left my money in the machine. Well I said to my self that nine hundred dollar ticket is going home with me and I kept playing. I got the bonus again by doing the same thing, but now I have a small circle of people around me and the machine watching to see if I was going to win more money and to see what I was doing. I told them to go to your website and check it out. After a few spins I got the bonus again, after a few spins on the bonus I got wilds and the old lady, the bonus paid over five hundred dollars. Now the best thing I could do is to go home before I lose. But the machine was still good. So the lady sitting next to me was telling me a hardship story where her husband has cancer and can’t work and they just came up to relax and play just a little. Her machine was not doing very well. I wanted to do a good deed for someone, so I asked her to take over my machine, the people around me wanted it but she deserved a break in life so I gave it to her. I told her to play fifty cents times two or three and explained one simple SRP techniques. She put her last twenty dollar bill into the machine, within five minutes she was up to over a hundred dollars. I said good luck to her and left the casino with $1,800.00 in my pocket.

    Harold / SRP Member

  • How to control your mind while you play slot machines at casino


    Intemperance is most common mistake that SR players do every day. Today, I made a big mistake that made myself a loser. I played two Stinkin’ Rich machines at local casino and won about $400.00 within 20 minutes with SRP techniques. After I figured out those two machines are empty, I cashed out all credits. Even though it was daytime on weekday, there were no empty seats on SR machines. It was too early to leave the casino. I’ve been there only 20 minutes. It took two hours to be there from my house.
    So, I decide to play other slot machine I played before. I lost $100 within 40 minutes at the slot machine. My brain keep saying that I still won $300. If I play SR machines when those are available, I could make up the amount I lost at other slot machine. While I was on the way to men’s room, I saw SPAM slot machine. The progressive jackpot of SPAM slot machine was near 4 million dollars, and it wispers to my ears “You could be the winner”, again “It is ready to blow this jackpot now”.  The SPAM slot machine sucked up $100 within 4 minutes without any SPAM bonus. I looked arround to find an empty SR machines, and I found one empty SR machine. However, the SR machine was the machine I won $400 about one hour ago. I had to leave the casino, but I thought that it was too late to leave like this. I had to make up some money I lost. I played the SR machines, but the machine kept showing the sign (SRP v.3.0), which noticed that machine has no money to return to players. I had to leave when I found out that, but I couldn’t because there are no SR machines available. I played the SR machine, and I lost all winnings including my bankroll. On the way to home, my feeling was terrible for not keeping the rules I made. It was the worst feeling I had most recently.

    List of mistakes I made today at the casino

    1. I Played other slot machines that I don’t have any strategy. I gambled today.

    2. I Didn’t left the casino after making money over $400 because of time and what if therory.

    3. I couldn’t resist the progressive jackpot amount and other temted slot machine.

    4. I played the empty SR machine I won previously.

    5. I couldn’t leave the SR machine until my wallet was completely dried.

    I didn’t upset about the money I lost today. I was really upset to myself. I thought that I can control myself without any problem because I am professional, but what I did today was like a first time casino visitor who won few hundred dollars and lost everything before leaving the casino.

    While I am writing this post, I realized that how strong the temptation of slot machines are. Casino designed this money making system that people simply hooked up if people moving based on thier instinct. It’s a shame that I didn’t keep the rules that I made, but I post this confession for our SRP members who might confront same situation like I had Today.

    I made some list to avoid making mistake again.

    1. Set very tight rules in the beginning. It will affect only little portion of bankroll problem by common mistakes.

    2. Do not expect same result that you experience before while you playing SR machines or other slot machines. For example, you won big last time, and you thnk you could win like last time on the same machine you played.

    3. Empty machine … Yes, it is empty machine. Leave as soon as possible. If your body is not moving under your control, wear a rubber band on your wrisk, and pull and hit with it to wake you up.

    4. Set daily plan for winning amount.

    5. Forget about how far you drive from home.

    6. No more what if theory.

    Please use below comment form to share your mistakes and tips to control mind at casino with other SRP members. Thank you.


  • How to distinguish original stinkin’ rich machine and new stinkin’ rich machine?


    There are two different Stinkin’ Rich Machines are available in US land-based casino. Three years ago, IGT introduced new Stinkin’ Rich machine, but the new version of stinkin’ rich was failed to attract slot players because of poor graphic quality, locked touch screen in bonus period.

    Here is the difference of Two versions.
    <Original Stinkin’ Rich Machine>
    ·        Original Cartoon
    ·        Blue background at the bottom where credit information is displayed.
    ·        No fireworks feature after big win.
    ·        Full touch screen function
    ·        1 to 100 line bet control
    ·        Reel spin varies

    Original Stinkin' Rich Screen Shot

    <New Stinkin’ Rich Machine>
    ·        Fireworks feature after Big Win.
    ·        Black background at the bottom where credit information is displayed.
    ·        Imitation cartoon
    ·        Touch screen function is locked when keys to riches bonus spins

    ·        Slow spin speed.

    New Stinkin' Rich Slot Machine Screen Shot

    SRP v. 2.0 is not verified on new Stinkin’ Rich slot machines because there are not many new machines are available now. We strongly believe this new Stinkin’ Rich will not be replaced due to the negative factors we  explained  above.

  • Special slot strategy – KTR After KTR (works with SRP v.3.0 XO)


    SRP Nanook discovered news slot strategy to create Keys to Riches Bonus after Free spin bonus complete (Key to Riches bonus). This technique generates matched Keys to Riches bonus within few spins. It means SR players can increase the multipliers right before next Keys to Riches bonus come out. To combine special slot strategy with SRP v.3.0 XO, SR players can figure out very easy whether the SR machine is a empty machine or a loose machine. This technique is now available at www.stinkinrich.net.

    Note: This technique is only for SRP v.3.0 XO owners and SRP v.4.0 SG. It requires at least SRP v.3.0 XO’s techniques to apply this technique on Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. Contact us for more information.


  • Which one is the Original Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine?


    Original Stinkin’ Rich Screen Shot

    <Original Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine >
    This is orignial Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine that SRP member are practicing SRP everyday.
    Difference: No fireworks after Big Win. Blue background at the bottom where credit information is displayed. Original cartoon, not imitation.
    • Pupple background
    • Logo color (Pink, Red and Navy blue)
    • No fireworks after big win or jackpot

    <New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine>

    • Black Background
    • Slow reel spin speed
    • Payline adjusting control is located inside menu button

    This is new Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine, and Most SRP techniques work on new machines, but touch screen feature is locked when KTR bonus is triggered. If you play SR machine with high payline betting above 50 lines per spin, it is fine to use SRP techniques. However, we do not recommend you to play new stinkin rich slot machine with low betting less than 35 paylines per spin because you can’t control the output to maximize return credit during the free spin bonus period.

    Please check your local casino before you join SRP.

    Thank you.

    SRP Team

  • Video Slot Machine Winning story from SRP member


    Again, SRP member made $625,00 by betting only 15 cents!

    It is not a coincidence. Again, one of our SRP member made $625,00 when he bet only 15 cents on Stinkin’ Rich Video Slot machine at Charlestown race and slots, WV. He got 5 free spins bonus, and at 4th spin, he stops wilds symbols on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th as directed on SRP v.2.0. There was two rich ladys was smiling on the center of 1st and 5th reel. Bonus credit was displayed 62500 points. He told us he’d been betting 15 X 2, but he just reduced the multipliers to X1 before the 5 free spins comes out. Anyway he was so happy and sent us this winning story from his blackberry at the casino.

  • Another Hand pay $580 at Dover Downs, DE


    SRP team won again with SRP v.2.0 at Dover Downs, DE today.

    We bet only 15 cents and got Keys to Riches bonus. Yes, it gave us only 5 spins. Second spin, we got stacks of wilds on 2, 3, 4 reel with one Rich lady on 1st reel. Next spin, he stopped the 2, 3, and 4 reel in order. Those stacks of wilds came out and landed perfectly on same spots. But this time there is one more Rich lady was smiling on 5th reel.

    It was very lucky night, but we had more than 30 keys to riches bonus with SRP v.2.0. Even though we missed many bonuses when line bet is not enough to qualify unlined keys to riches bonus, we finally reached the goal to have Two lady with stacks of wilds.

    People always ask us “Do you always bet 15 cents?”

    SRP team always say “No, I do increase bet when I feel that keys to riches bonus come out”, and “I think I know when keys to riches bonus come out.” …

    People just don’t believe this, and they play 100 lines every spin until the machine eats all their money. It is sad, yes very.

  • Delaware Park Tour

      1 comment

    SRP team visited Delaware Park casino last Saturday. We played 2 cents SR machines and penny SR machines with SRP v.2.0, and we got more than 140 keys to riches bonus within 9 hours. However, the amount we won after all was only $400.00 because the bonus amount was very low if compared with Charles Town, WV or Dover Downs, DE. There are SR machines were available even though it was Saturday evening in the casino. Maybe that is the reason for returning very low amount when we got the free spin bonus. We had $8.99 cheese steak sub around 3 am at the cafe after waiting for 30 minutes. It was worst cheese steak sub we ever had. The coffee quality was really bad also. They need new management to increase quality of foods. No smoking in the building. Parking lots are too dark. Interior looks very old. One think I really like was players in the casino. There very friendly and funny. Overall, we do recommend SRP members to play SR with SRP v.2.0, but we do not recommend SRP members to eat foods at the casino.

    Play 2 cents SR machines with 15 cents bet during normal play and increase multiplier after …