• Stinkin Rich Project Story from SRP Member – Stinkin Rich slot machine (Mohigan Sun Casino)


    I always play Stinkin Rich so sometimes I have to wait to get a machine, this night was no different. It took about an hour before I got a machine, there was this guy and his wife playing one dollar bets and getting nothing in return, when they gave up on the machine I jumped on it. Well I put a twenty dollar bill in the machine and started playing without SRP, just playing normal to see if it would start giving bonuses or if the wilds would come up. The machine sucked up my twenty like it was nothing. I put another twenty in the machine and now I started to SRP technique  and it started to pay off. Well this went on for about a half hour and my money went up to around one hundred fifty dollars. I thought now is the time to raise my bet. I started playing three, four and five dollars per bet, now I was practicing SRP and it was working like a charm still getting the bonus and the wilds. The wilds were lining up and giving me money almost on every spin. When the bonus would come up I would do the same and I use one of SRP techniques, now I went up from my one hundred fifty dollars to around eight hundred dollars. I thought maybe I should cash out and go home and call it a lucky day, but I didn’t I hit the button one more time, this time I just used other SRP technique and the keys lined up, this was on a five dollar bet. I started working the SRP technique, almost every spin was a money spin. When the bonus was over the machine printed out a ticket for over nine hundred dollars and still left my money in the machine. Well I said to my self that nine hundred dollar ticket is going home with me and I kept playing. I got the bonus again by doing the same thing, but now I have a small circle of people around me and the machine watching to see if I was going to win more money and to see what I was doing. I told them to go to your website and check it out. After a few spins I got the bonus again, after a few spins on the bonus I got wilds and the old lady, the bonus paid over five hundred dollars. Now the best thing I could do is to go home before I lose. But the machine was still good. So the lady sitting next to me was telling me a hardship story where her husband has cancer and can’t work and they just came up to relax and play just a little. Her machine was not doing very well. I wanted to do a good deed for someone, so I asked her to take over my machine, the people around me wanted it but she deserved a break in life so I gave it to her. I told her to play fifty cents times two or three and explained one simple SRP techniques. She put her last twenty dollar bill into the machine, within five minutes she was up to over a hundred dollars. I said good luck to her and left the casino with $1,800.00 in my pocket.

    Harold / SRP Member

  • Stinkin Rich Project New Feedback from SRP Member

    MY STORY IS ON NEW SRP MACHINE..just bought srp v.3.0 xo …..3 weeks ago.  After much reading decided to give it a try.  First time out I put $20 and used $25 free play.  I was up about $100 after 1 hour, but needed to go to work.  2nd time, a few days later I was playing 69 cents X 1….got 20 free spins…used bonus technique…2,3,4….no wilds, next spin…did 4,3 and got rich lady with 2, 3, 4 full of wilds and rich lady on 5….hand pay jackpot for $830.  Screen is different on bonus round on new machines…it won’t stop individual reals but the technique worked anyway.  3rd trip got stacked wilds in bonus round with young man, 4th trip got stacked wilds with rich lady in bonus…hand pay $530.  5th trip I lost money.   That’s it for now….4 of 5 trips won money.  It is a valuable secret…although  I was playing on a NEW MACHINE….not all techniques work. I need to play old machine and check it out..  I’m in AZ playing at Indian Reservation.
  • Video Slot Machine Winning story from SRP member


    Again, SRP member made $625,00 by betting only 15 cents!

    It is not a coincidence. Again, one of our SRP member made $625,00 when he bet only 15 cents on Stinkin’ Rich Video Slot machine at Charlestown race and slots, WV. He got 5 free spins bonus, and at 4th spin, he stops wilds symbols on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th as directed on SRP v.2.0. There was two rich ladys was smiling on the center of 1st and 5th reel. Bonus credit was displayed 62500 points. He told us he’d been betting 15 X 2, but he just reduced the multipliers to X1 before the 5 free spins comes out. Anyway he was so happy and sent us this winning story from his blackberry at the casino.