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    Which stinkin rich slot machine is better to use, the old or new machine?

    SRP v.2.0 and v.3.0 XO has been verified on the old Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. Some SRP members played SRP on New Stinkin’ Rich machine, and they send me email about the positive results, but I do not recommend SRP member to play SRP on the new machine because there are many limitation like locked touch screen during the free spin bonus or fixed line betting, etc.

    I always play 100 lines. Can I get free spin even if I play less than 100 lines?

    The beauty of Stinkin’ Rich game is the free spin bonus that player always get 100 lines at least even if he or she bet only 1 cents. For example, if you bet 1 cents on 1 st line, and you get three matched keys to riches bonus symbols on 1 st line (center line), you get free spins. In the keys to riches bonus period, the machine give you full 100 lines. That’s why people love this game. If you bet 5 cents on first line with times 5 (1 X 5), you get 500 lines during the free spin bonus. Only difference is the number of bonus spins. For example, you don’t get full 35 spins if you bet less than 75 cents. The number of free spins is determined by the line bet when you get the matched symbols.

    How do we differentiate the old stinkin rich slot machine and new stinkin rich slot machines? Are they available at all Casinos?

    There are two different stinkin rich slot machines in US casino. New stinkin rich slot machine : This version has firework feature when player win big credit. Original stinkin rich slot machine: original stinkin rich slot machine has blue background at the bottom part where credit information is displayed.


    <Original Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine >
    This is orignial Stinkin Rich Slot Machine that SRP member are practicing SRP everyday.
    Difference: No fireworks after Big Win. Blue background at the bottom where credit information is displayed. Original cartoon, not imitation.
    • Pupple background
    • Logo color (Pink, Red and Navy blue)
    • No fireworks after big win or jackpot
    <New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine >
    • Black Background
    • Slow reel spin speed
    • Payline adjusting control is located inside menu button

    This is new Stinkin Rich Slot Machine, and Most SRP techniques work on new machines, but touch screen feature is locked when KTR bonus is triggered. If you play SR machine with high payline betting above 50 lines per spin, it is fine to use SRP techniques. However, we do not recommend you to play new stinkin rich slot machine with low betting less than 35 paylines per spin because you can’t control the output to maximize return credit during the free spin bonus period.

    Please check your local casino before you join SRP.

    Thank you.

    SRP Team



    Can I always win if I use this strategy?

    It is hard to say that you will be rich with this strategy. However, this techniques generates free spin bonus and more onscreen credits, so you can control your line bet and multiplier before bonus comes out. It means you get more free spin bonus, thus by using SRP techniques you can increase the winning odds to make more money or get jackpot at casino. All individual results are vary by their personal decision of betting control.

    Do you accept personal checks?

    Sorry, we do not accept personal check or money order this moment. We only accept credit card and paypal payment process from www.stinkinrich.net.

    Can’t find my password. How can I download SRP from the site?

    Send us your download password request (please use paypal email address you used for purchasing the Stinkin’Rich Project). We will send you your lost password as soon as possible. Team@stinkinrich.net

    How this strategy works?

    The Stinkin’ Rich Project is a strategy and its extension. It is more close to a method about how to create Keys to Riches Bonus. When you get more free spin bonus, you have more chance to win at stinkin’ rich slot machine. All individual result vary by their betting control. After you learn Stinkin’ Rich Project, you can control your bet based on time line, so you increase bet and multiplier and play simple techniques to create Keys to Riches bonus instantly within 20 to 30 spins. It is real working strategy, our team uses every week.

    I am thinking of making a purchase very soon. What is the difference between SRP v. 2.0 and KTR after KTR and SRP Master?

    SRP v.2.0 was the main version of SRP, and we verified the system in US casino including Las Vegas, Atlantic City and local casino. During we practice SRP v.2.0, we discovered many techniques that reduce the time of getting Keys to Riches Bonus, and we added all techniques in SRP v.3.0 XO. SRP v.3.0 XO is the extended version of SRP v.2.0. SRP v.3.0 XO has all contents of SRP v.2.0. KTR after KTR is a strategy for SRP v.3.0 Owners, not a stand alone system. KTR after KTR works for only who mastered SRP v.3.0 XO techniques.

    If I buy it will it be downloaded as a CD – DVD – or TEXT ?

    SRP is PDF file format with text and illustration including all techniques and strategies. After you download SRP and Bombay project, we provides each member’s forum password to access SRP forum and Bombay project forum. Forum contents are most important parts to update all techniques and strategies. because each player has different results, we also provide one to one support to help all members until mastering SRP or Bombay Project. Basically you are paying for the membership of SRP or Bombay Project, not just one ebook.

    Is there a minimum money that you recommend to be worthwhile of purchasing the SRP. Another words if I can only spare about 50 dollars a week, is it worth buying ?

    We recommend spr players’ money at least $200 per visit to casino. $50 money is too low unless you play minmum bet for fun.

    Will there be anymore automatic charges without my permission? or is it safe to give the credit card info online.

    No, there are no automatic charges. You SRP membership will be automatically expired after 365 days you purchase SRP v.2.0. We don’t even send any expiration notice to members. Again, we don’t deal with any payment process. All payment process is completed and recorded on Paypal side. That’s why we pay to PayPal $5.67 every transaction. Check out http://www.paypal.com

    How is this going to be charged on the credit card? Is it the name of the company?

    All payment process is done by Paypal and Paypal credit card process. Please check Paypal.com to check out how safe it is. We don’t collect any personal information. The information we receive is your PayPal address and your name, sometime your phone number if you have Paypal account set up. All Paypal payment will be deposit into an individual account, not a company account.

    how many pages are there?

    Stinkin’ Rich Project is written on 30 to 40 pages (one side). SRP members can access more details of main secrets including techniques and methods from SRP Master’s Forum. We also provide one to one support by email or Q&A on the forum until new SRP member master all secrets of SRP.

    What is the difference of each SRP version?

    SRP v.2.0 is the first completed version of Stinkin’ Rich Project including the main secrets of Stinkin’ Rich project. After one year later, Nanook discovered new secrets about how to find loose Stinkin’ Rich slot machines, and it was added to SRP v.3.0 XO with new techniques.To increase the frequency of getting free spin bonus, SRP team, Nanook and SRP members studied for more than 8 month, and SRP v.4.0 SG was finally published. In other words, Learning SRP is like driving to a destination. There is many ways to reach the destination. For example, if your plan is to reach the destination as fast you can, you need to get a faster vehicle you can afford. Consider v.2.0 as your car to drive the destination. V.2.0: Ford Escort: (Low price, but slow) V.3.0: Toyota Camry (Mid price, practical, and reliable) V.4.0: BMW 825I (Expensive, but fast and luxury) Once you master all SRP techniques, playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine will be your best entertainment for your rest of your life.

    is system easy to understand?

    Yes, SRP is very easy to understand. You can learn all concept and simple SRP technique within few hours. However, we recommend all SRP member practice SRP on Stinkin’ Rich slot machine with lowest bet until they get used to it. We also provide one to one support from SRP Masters Forum.


    It is one time charge except upgrading to upper version of SRP. Currently, there are three versions of SRP available now. It’s all up to each member’s choice to keep using same version or upgrade to upper version of SRP. SRP v.4.0 SG is the latest version of SRP. Once you join SRP, we assign your SRP membership account on the SRP you purchased. You can access SRP forum without any monthly or annual fee, and you can enjoy playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine with SRP until this slot machine is retired at casino.

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