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    Hi Nanook,

    I have some great news…  I upgraded to SRP v.4.0 and  I am SO GLAD that I did.  Last night I read through the project, today I re-read the project, and took some notes.  I decided I would go to the casino with my notes and give the new techniques a try.

    Not surprisingly, the new techniquest in v.4.0 worked like a charm!!  After I found a “loose machine” I thought I was doing good when I got the stacked wilds 50×2 ($94.60).  I continued to play this “loose machine” and while using SRP v.4.0 technique, I hit a jackpot 25×3 ($601.50) See attached photos.

    Thank you for sharing the SECRET GARDEN with us!!

    -Tammy / SRP Member

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