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    Hello, Nanook!!!!!!
    Thanks to some really obvious indicators I learned from you recently, I am happy to share my biggest hit yet.  I had just increased my play from .15 cents because I saw the SRP formations repeatedly showing up during the first 5 minutes but the game was not paying on the the left rows 1,2,and 3. I made the adjustments and just felt something was about to happe  (I hardly got any KTR symbols when I was on. 15 cents). I  increased and remembered something I read in the masters forum to told me to read last month.  So in one 3  X .75cent spin, look what happened…. $1,849.80!!!!! Just 2 spins before the big one I had RM blackout and then the fat lady sang and made everyone upset who had been there all day. I had just been sitting there 5-10 minutes. Of course I gave gifts to the 3 players next to me as I always do.
    Thanks again, Nanook for all of the hours and $$$ you and your team have invested to help people play smarter through the SRP methodology.
    Anonymous / SRP member


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