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    Stinkin’ Rich Project(SRP) is a secret book about how to generate free spin bonus on Stinkin’ Rich slot machine and Bombay slot machine. You probably know about Keys to Riches bonus (free spin bonus) if you have played Stinkin’ Rich slot machine before. This secret book teaches you how to generate keys to riches bonus by applying SRP techniques Nanook discovered. Of course you get free spin bonus if you keep playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine, but players are not able to control the outcome and the play results are only depends on player’s luck. With SRP techniques, slot player can control bet amount before free spin bonus is triggered. By using SRP techniques, you get more free spin bonus, and you can control your bet amount before free spin is triggered. If you are a slot player, you probably know the value of the secrets. 

    In addition, with SRP techniques, you can find a loose Stinkin’ Rich machines after testing SRP techniques on each Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. 

    There are three different versions of Stinkin rich project are available now. First completed version was SRP v.2.0, the world’s first winning video slot strategy. After that we added more powerful techniques to increase the frequency of Keys to Riches bonus. SRP v.3.0 XO has more techniques to generate free spin bonus more faster. The latest version of Stinkin Rich Project, SRP v.4.0 Secret Garden (SG) was published with new updated formation and better SRP techniques that reduce the frequency of Keys to Riches bonus interval.

    All SRP versions are sharing main SRP secret to generate free spin bonus, and the upper version of SRP has better techniques to trigger more free spin bonus and more faster. Like a car you drive, you can drive a car from point A to point B, but what kinds of car you want drive is your option. Learning SRP is like learning how to drive from starting point to a desired destination. There are many ways to reach the destination. It’s all depends on your choice. 


    • V.2.0: ex>Ford Escort: (Low price, but slow)
    • V.3.0: ex>Toyota Camry (Mid price, practical, and reliable)
    • V.4.0: ex>BMW 825I (Expensive, but fast and luxury)


    <How to join SRP>

    Once you master all SRP techniques, playing Stinkin’ Richslot machine will be your best entertainment for your rest of your life. There is no hidden fee after you become SRP Member. How to join SRP – It’s only onetime payment required to join SRP membership except upgrading to new version of Stinkin’ Rich Project (Optional).


    Buying SRP v.2.0 or v.3.0 XO or v.4.0 SG is like that you enroll a short-term training course. Consider SRP files you download as a TEXT BOOK for the training courses. SRP Masters Forum is the main class room to obtain detailed information of Stinkin’ Rich Project.


    We support all SRP members from SRP Masters Forum which is only accessible for SRP members. SRP master’s forum contents that we have collected over three years from SRP Team and SRP members are very important.


    The Official Store of Stinkin’ Rich Project



    If you still have questions about Stinkin’ Rich Project, feel free to ask us anytime. We will answer your question as best as we can.



    SRP Team

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