• Keys to Riches

    Keys to riches free spin bonus

    Keys To Riches (KTR): Bonus

    The Stinkin’ Rich slot machine has a total of 100 paylines with different multipliers. Some machines have three and some have five multipliers. They go as high as ten times bet. They also come in different denominations. You can choose any number of paylines by using the Line buttons on the top row (10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 lines) or use the touch-screen selector to make single line increments.

    Free-spin Bonus: Free-spin bonus is triggered when three keys to riches symbols are aligned on a payline. These symbols only appear on reels #1, 2 and 3. Each payline bet will award five free slots bonus spins. There are several patterns of these alignments and each has a different number of total free spins. Depending on the number of lines you bet, you may not catch all the patterns and the maximum number of free spins. For example, if you were only betting 15 lines, you will probably only get five free spins from the bonus and you may not get a free slots bonus spin triggered even when three keys to riches symbols are aligned.  The best formation is the diagonal shape, a total of 35 spins. On the other hand, a horizontal formation only awards 10 spins.

    Another feature of the Stinkin’ Rich slot machine is their free slots bonus feature. During the free slots bonus spin, the machine will always default to playing 100 lines regardless of the number of lines you play. This is the beauty of this machine. You can be playing 15 lines x3, a 45c bet; but when you hit a bonus, the machine will play at 100 lines x3 which will usually cost you $3.00.

    This keys to riches bonus feature is the great advantage for slot players, but not many people use it effectively. Most Stinkin’ Rich slot players play 100 lines ($1.00) per spin. With the secrets of Stinkin’ Rich Project, any slot players can generate free slots bonus spins within very short period of time and can control multipliers to maximize the total bonus win amount. Of course each player gets less free slots bonus spins by betting low lines than betting 75 lines. We don’t worry about the number of free bonus spin because we can generate another free slots bonus spin very soon again with the secrets of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine.

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