• Stinkin Rich slot machine screen pictures from SRP Member


    Bet Amount: 50 cents ( 25 X 2 )

    Bet Amount: 70 cents ( 10 X 7 )


  • Bombay Free Spin Bonus by Bombay Project v.1.0 EQ


  • New SRP Trip Report – YL formation with SRP v.4.0 SG

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    Bet amount: 38 cents (19 X 2)

    Bet amount: 19 cents (19 X 1)

    This SRP trip had no big win or jackpot, but by applying new YL formation with SRP SG technique, I could generate KTR bonus on empty SR machines. From this trip, I made $360 when I left the casino. I will update more YL Formation information on SRP Masters Forum later.

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    Got some pictures to show you.

    here’s a few more pics, not as impressive as srtmiami



  • The Hidden Power of SRP v.4.0 SG


    You will be surprised  when you see the reaction of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine while you apply SRP techniques to check whether the machine is empty or loose.

    Generating Keys to Riches (KTR) bonus is very simple when you apply SRP techniques on any Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. This is the main function of SRP, and this is a slot machine player’s dream. With SRP v.4.0 SG, you can predict when free spin bonus comes out, so you increase or decrease your bet amount to pull the maximum credit from any Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. You can learn SRP v.4.0 SG techniques within an hour, and you can practice within few hours in land based casino. However, I recommend all new SRP players practice with lowest bet until they get used to play with it. I spend more than 5 years to verify all techniques and develop new SRP techniques. All you need is to learn SRP within few hours and enjoy playing most popular slot machine in the world.

    Playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine with SRP is totally different experience if you compare with traditional slot machine. Think about you control the outcome of each spin, and you increase or decrease your betting before free spin bonus comes out.  In addition, Knowing whether the machine is empty or loose gives you great advantage when your in casino. Many SRP members including myself have experienced the exciting moment of SRP.  After playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine for more than 6 years I still love to play Stnkin’ Rich slot machine with SRP v. 4.0 SG whenever I have spare time. This is true entertainment experience, and I really recommend Playing Stinkin’ Rich with SRP v.4.0 SG to you if you are looking for something to do rest of your life. Playing Stinkin’ Rich with SRP v.4.0 SG will be your best entertainment experience.

    There are many products and money making systems in USA, but 99% of the product requires long time to see the result of investment.  SRP v.4.0 SG is different because you learn and play in same day to see the results. Of course all player’s results are vary by their betting control.  Some players might lose money if they use SRP techniques incorrectly. Don’t worry. I will always be there to help you to be the master of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine.

    If you have any question regarding SRP v.4.0 SG, please contact us anytime.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!


  • SRP Trip Report – Rich Ladies by YL Formation with SRP v.4.0 SG


    Bet Amount: 19 cents (19 X 1)

  • Youtube video feedback from SRP member


    My winnings on bombay using the SRP technique which is betting less than the max lines I guess! When you enter the bonus you get max lines 🙂 despite what your bet was outside the bonus! This was at a Casino in Panama.


  • New Feedback from SRP Member

    We stopped in the casino for a short Stinkin’ Rich session and after hitting the Keys To Riches for some pretty decent bonuses; we were thrilled to have this Rich Lady hit on a regular spin!! We cashed out at $500.00… wish we would have had more time with this machine!

  • New SRP Trip Report – Stinkin’ Rich slot machine


    Bet Amount: 38 cents (19 X 2)

  • More Pictures from SRP Member – SRP v.4.0 SG


    Bet Amount: 75 cents ( 15 X 5 )


  • New SRP Trip Report – Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine


    Bet Amount: 30 cents (15 X 2)

  • Bombay Project v.1.0 EQ Test


    I visited local casino Today and test Bombay Project v.1.0 EQ. I got more than 20 free spin bonus within an hour. The Bombay machine I played didn’t pay me much, but in the end I got 5 matched golden dish.

  • SRP Trip Report – 5 Ladies on First Line



  • New SRP Trip Report


    Bet Amount: 15 cents X 1 (15 cents)

    I played Stinkin’ Rich slot machine yesterday at local casino, and again I got one more stacks of wild during the free spin bonus. I know the total amount I won from free spin bonus is not that big as other SRP member had, but I post above pictures because the amount I bet is very low and the payout is very high.  Every visit to casino, I have had at least one stacks of wild while using SRP techniques. Many people still believe that beating casino is impossible because casino always have more winning odds. It’s true, but if you master SRP v.4.0 SG, the special technique that generate free spin bonus, you can much more chance to win at casino. It is very easy to learn technique, and you can master within few hours.  Mastering SRP means that you go to a battle with most advanced weapon while the opponents are still using swords or old weapons. All you need is to learn how to use it and to play as directed. Also, I guarantee that SRP will maximize your entertainment experience at casino.


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  • Stinkin’ Rich Feedback from SRP member


  • New SRP Feedback from SRP Member


    Both games were at 25 lines. You can use my name as PERRY.



  • How to control your mind while you play slot machines at casino


    Intemperance is most common mistake that SR players do every day. Today, I made a big mistake that made myself a loser. I played two Stinkin’ Rich machines at local casino and won about $400.00 within 20 minutes with SRP techniques. After I figured out those two machines are empty, I cashed out all credits. Even though it was daytime on weekday, there were no empty seats on SR machines. It was too early to leave the casino. I’ve been there only 20 minutes. It took two hours to be there from my house.
    So, I decide to play other slot machine I played before. I lost $100 within 40 minutes at the slot machine. My brain keep saying that I still won $300. If I play SR machines when those are available, I could make up the amount I lost at other slot machine. While I was on the way to men’s room, I saw SPAM slot machine. The progressive jackpot of SPAM slot machine was near 4 million dollars, and it wispers to my ears “You could be the winner”, again “It is ready to blow this jackpot now”.  The SPAM slot machine sucked up $100 within 4 minutes without any SPAM bonus. I looked arround to find an empty SR machines, and I found one empty SR machine. However, the SR machine was the machine I won $400 about one hour ago. I had to leave the casino, but I thought that it was too late to leave like this. I had to make up some money I lost. I played the SR machines, but the machine kept showing the sign (SRP v.3.0), which noticed that machine has no money to return to players. I had to leave when I found out that, but I couldn’t because there are no SR machines available. I played the SR machine, and I lost all winnings including my bankroll. On the way to home, my feeling was terrible for not keeping the rules I made. It was the worst feeling I had most recently.

    List of mistakes I made today at the casino

    1. I Played other slot machines that I don’t have any strategy. I gambled today.

    2. I Didn’t left the casino after making money over $400 because of time and what if therory.

    3. I couldn’t resist the progressive jackpot amount and other temted slot machine.

    4. I played the empty SR machine I won previously.

    5. I couldn’t leave the SR machine until my wallet was completely dried.

    I didn’t upset about the money I lost today. I was really upset to myself. I thought that I can control myself without any problem because I am professional, but what I did today was like a first time casino visitor who won few hundred dollars and lost everything before leaving the casino.

    While I am writing this post, I realized that how strong the temptation of slot machines are. Casino designed this money making system that people simply hooked up if people moving based on thier instinct. It’s a shame that I didn’t keep the rules that I made, but I post this confession for our SRP members who might confront same situation like I had Today.

    I made some list to avoid making mistake again.

    1. Set very tight rules in the beginning. It will affect only little portion of bankroll problem by common mistakes.

    2. Do not expect same result that you experience before while you playing SR machines or other slot machines. For example, you won big last time, and you thnk you could win like last time on the same machine you played.

    3. Empty machine … Yes, it is empty machine. Leave as soon as possible. If your body is not moving under your control, wear a rubber band on your wrisk, and pull and hit with it to wake you up.

    4. Set daily plan for winning amount.

    5. Forget about how far you drive from home.

    6. No more what if theory.

    Please use below comment form to share your mistakes and tips to control mind at casino with other SRP members. Thank you.


  • How many Stinkin’ Rich slot machines are installed in casino near your location?



    Hollywood Casino, WV (Charlestown Race and Slots)

    Original Stinkin Rich slot machine: 12 (added 3 more original SR machines few month ago)

    New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine: 2

    Dover Downs, DE

    Original Stinkin’ Rich slot machine: 21

    New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine: 2

    Harrington Race and Slots

    Original Stinkin’ Rich slot machine: 2

    New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine: 6

    Delaware Park

    Original Stinkin’ Rich slot machine:

    New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine: 14

    – Reported from Nanook

    Presque Isle Downs in Erie, PA has 6 old stinkin rich machines.

    Mountaineer Casino in Chester, WV has 10 old stinkin rich machines.

    Wheeling Island in Wheeling, WV has 6 old stinkin rich machines.

    Motor City in Detroit MI has about 15 old stinkin rich machines.

    The Rivers in Pittsburgh, PA has NO old stinkin rich machines.

    Meadows in Washington, PA has 1 old stinkin rich machine.

    – Reported by Tammy

    Boot Hill Casino, Kansas

    3 Stinkin’ Rich Machines

    – Reported by Matt

    The Sands Casino in Bethlehem PA has 9 old SR and 5 new ones that I can say for sure.  There may be more but I know for sure that they have at least this many

    – Reportey by Kallen13

    Harrah’s Joliet has 7 Stinkin Rich and 2 Bombay — All old style

    Hollywood Casino (Joliet) has 5 Stinkin Rich and 1 Bombay — All new style

    I’ll be checking Horseshoe Chicago and Hollywood Aurora soon and will let you know.

    – Reported by Shocker

    When you come to Las Vegas, get off the Strip and become a local. You never have to wait for a Stinkin’ Rich slot machine, and they are never empty! Rio has 3 old, The M 6 , Orleans has 10 old,  Southpoint has 5 old which are useless and tight, Green Valley Ranch 11 old and 3 new, Bolder Station has 17 old and 3 new, Palace Station has 8 old and 2 new, Rampart has 7 old and 2 new, Suncoast has 1 old which is useless, Red Rock has 2 old and 18 new, Aliente has 9 new, Santa Fe has 15 old, Texas Station has 15 old, and Fiesta has 11 old. All these Stinkin’ Rich machines are being played by $1-$5 bettors who just let them spin!!!!!!!

    – Reported by Henry

    Hard Rock Hollywood, FL – 5 – old 1 Cent and 10 old 2 cent

    15 New

    Seminole Casino, Hollywood, FL

    5 New

    6 Old 1 cent

    Mardi Gras Casino – Hallendale, Fl

    2 Old & 10 New

    Gulf Stream – Hallendale, FL

    15 New

    – Reported by Tjonc

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  • SRP Trip Report – 5 ladies with betting only 15 cents


  • New wilds pics from Nanook



  • How to distinguish original stinkin’ rich machine and new stinkin’ rich machine?


    There are two different Stinkin’ Rich Machines are available in US land-based casino. Three years ago, IGT introduced new Stinkin’ Rich machine, but the new version of stinkin’ rich was failed to attract slot players because of poor graphic quality, locked touch screen in bonus period.

    Here is the difference of Two versions.
    <Original Stinkin’ Rich Machine>
    ·        Original Cartoon
    ·        Blue background at the bottom where credit information is displayed.
    ·        No fireworks feature after big win.
    ·        Full touch screen function
    ·        1 to 100 line bet control
    ·        Reel spin varies

    Original Stinkin' Rich Screen Shot

    <New Stinkin’ Rich Machine>
    ·        Fireworks feature after Big Win.
    ·        Black background at the bottom where credit information is displayed.
    ·        Imitation cartoon
    ·        Touch screen function is locked when keys to riches bonus spins

    ·        Slow spin speed.

    New Stinkin' Rich Slot Machine Screen Shot

    SRP v. 2.0 is not verified on new Stinkin’ Rich slot machines because there are not many new machines are available now. We strongly believe this new Stinkin’ Rich will not be replaced due to the negative factors we  explained  above.

  • Stinkin Rich Project New Feedback from SRP Member

    MY STORY IS ON NEW SRP MACHINE..just bought srp v.3.0 xo …..3 weeks ago.  After much reading decided to give it a try.  First time out I put $20 and used $25 free play.  I was up about $100 after 1 hour, but needed to go to work.  2nd time, a few days later I was playing 69 cents X 1….got 20 free spins…used bonus technique…2,3,4….no wilds, next spin…did 4,3 and got rich lady with 2, 3, 4 full of wilds and rich lady on 5….hand pay jackpot for $830.  Screen is different on bonus round on new machines…it won’t stop individual reals but the technique worked anyway.  3rd trip got stacked wilds in bonus round with young man, 4th trip got stacked wilds with rich lady in bonus…hand pay $530.  5th trip I lost money.   That’s it for now….4 of 5 trips won money.  It is a valuable secret…although  I was playing on a NEW MACHINE….not all techniques work. I need to play old machine and check it out..  I’m in AZ playing at Indian Reservation.
  • Stinkin’ Rich Project Member’s Feedback


    I greatly appreciate the information and looking forward to the Next SRP version. We live very close to Charles Town so we enjoy going to CT slots regularly and feel much better going in with a plan. We always played Stinkin Rich and Bombay but knowing some secrets makes it much more fun!

    Shocker / SRP Member