• Wild, Wild, and Wild


    I got multiple stacked wild while playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine with SRP techniques at local casino today.

    15 cents X 2 (30 cents)

    15 cents X 1

  • New feedback from SRP member


    I tried my strategy again and it worked , got high on screen points and 6 bonus rounds in 20 mins , here’s a screen shot of one of the spins, this technique creates more points, started off with 60 , ended up with 125 in 20 mins and left. Tomorrow I’m going again , it will be day 4 of my technique test. Will update again.


  • Testing on New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine


    We tested SRP on new Stinkin’ Rich slot machine yesterday. Most SRP techniques worked on new machines. However SRP strategy requres touch screen feature during KTR bonus period to maximize total bonus win amount. New Stinkin’ Rich slot machine’s touch screen feature is not working during the KTR bonus period. We recommend all SRP members to play on original Stinkin’ Rich slot machine to get better results with SRP.

  • The secret of Stinkin’ Rich Slot machine


    SRP Team has developed the technique to create free spin bonus instantly by adopting Nanook’s discovery, the secret known as “Stinkin’ Rich Project”, to offer support for this great discovery and to proudly introduce it to slot players in the world.

    The basic idea behind the Stinkin’ Rich Project is to allow for getting unlimited free spin bonus to the slot players with lowest betting and control multiplier before the free spin come out to gain maximum profit. Buying a lottery ticket after you know the winning number could be the most people’s desire to have time machine in this capitalism society. This time machine concept has been adapted to US land-based slot machines with Stinkin’ Rich Project. There are already thousand of members on these sites, and the Stinkin’ Rich Project would only make it happen for these members to experience their own prediction of free spin bonus which all slot players pray for it with maximum betting. The excitement of seeing actual result after the prediction creates new entertainment for all SRP members, and it becomes another way to enjoy playing slot machines.

    Stinkin’ Rich slot machine, all time popular video slot machines, manufactured IGT, the biggest slot machine manufacture in USA, and is installed in most casinos all around the world. Needless to say, Stinkin’ Rich and Bombay slot machines are hot, and average players stay playing the machines for 2 or 3 hours per machine. Not just in USA, this slot machine has been created the world class Stinkin’ Rich Fans. Currently, most active SRP members are from USA and Canada.

    If you ever played Stinkin’ Rich slot machine before in any casino in the world, this secret of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine will maximize your entertainment.

    Be the SRP master today!

  • SRP Trip Report



  • New pics from SRP Member


    Bet: 10 cents X 7

    Total Bonus Win: $100.10


  • Stinkin Rich Project Member Feedback

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    <Casino Del Sol in Tucson>

    I have not experience any great hits but these are some of the good ones.  I was filming a bonus run of 65 spins but security came within a minute to shut me down.

    Sierra153 / SRP Member


  • More than words – New feedback from SRP member



    Two pictures from Perry / SRP Member

  • SRP Trip Report



  • SRP Report – Testing SRP on Stinkin’ Rich and Bombay slot machine


    Today, SRP team visited local casino for testing SRP v.3.0 and Bombay project v.1.0 EQ. Both projects were reacted as we predicted. We took some pictures and a bombay free spin video clip.

  • SRP Mastering Process


    SRP Team provides one to one support for each SRP member until mastering SRP completely. SRP Techniques are very easy to learn and simple techniques. With SRP Team’s support most slot players can learn this techniques within one or two hours. Even though learning SRP techniques on real Stinkin’ Rich machine requires some diciplines because each player has their own habits from previous experience of playing slot machines. Once new SRP member get used to playing SR machine with SRP techniques, playing SR machine will be the best entertainment hours for the player.

  • SRP Report – Testing KTR after KTR at Dover Downs, DE


    SRP team visited Dover Downs, DE Today. After testing each SR machine with SRP v.3.0 XO, we figured out most SR machines were empty. We found a loose SR machine, and we got stacks of wilds. With SRP v.3.0 XO, all players can find out which one is a loose machine or empty machine by the repeated patterns from each SR machine’s reaction. All SRP members can enjoy many free spin bonuses when we find a loose machine.

  • SRP Report


    SRP Team visited Hollywood casino in Perryville, MD, but there is no Stinkin’ Rich available, so we drove to Deleware Park. We’ve got two stacks of wilds while verifying new techniques.  However, we didn’t get full credit for the wilds because our line bet was too low.

    Please look at two different picture of stacks of wilds. This stacks of wilds was generated after using SRP v.3.0 with multiple cycle of SR pattern. We’ve got similar stacks of wilds with Rich man symbols on 1st and 5th reel so many times after using SRP techniques. This means that we can create the stacks of wilds with SRP techniques instantly. It is a great news for all SRP members.

    We will update more news about getting stacks of wilds on the forum as soon as we verify them all.

  • Special slot strategy – KTR After KTR (works with SRP v.3.0 XO)


    SRP Nanook discovered news slot strategy to create Keys to Riches Bonus after Free spin bonus complete (Key to Riches bonus). This technique generates matched Keys to Riches bonus within few spins. It means SR players can increase the multipliers right before next Keys to Riches bonus come out. To combine special slot strategy with SRP v.3.0 XO, SR players can figure out very easy whether the SR machine is a empty machine or a loose machine. This technique is now available at www.stinkinrich.net.

    Note: This technique is only for SRP v.3.0 XO owners and SRP v.4.0 SG. It requires at least SRP v.3.0 XO’s techniques to apply this technique on Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. Contact us for more information.


  • Gambling Problem can be fixed with Playing slot machine with SRP


    Recently, one of SRP member mentioned that SRP might be helpful for recovery from gambling problem or addiction. Jenna Kim, FL, after she mastered SRP early this year, she has played only Stinkin’ Rich slot machine at Casino. She told us she never played other slot machine beside of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine since she learned slot machine’s main concept. Now, she feel very tired to play slot machine, and she is ready to stop playing slot machine because she has played enough. We are very happy to hear that.

    Before she got SRP, she always bet maximum betting per each spin. Now she bet only 35 cents per spin, and 70 cents with SRP techniques. She has played the same machine with SRP, and she saved thousand dollars while she enjoy her favorite slot machine. At the end, she figured out the truth of slot machine concept that people can’t resist to play slot machine, and she told us that she doesn’t even touch other slot machine because the stinkin’ rich machine, which she loves to play and thinks most fun slot machine in casino is totally revealed by SRP. She told us that she decided to find better activity than playing slot machines. She found out that she was just one of victim who has hooked up by casino system. We are happy for her decision.

    Stinkin’ Rich slot machine is most popular slot machine in US for long time, and still people need to wait for playing the slot during the weekend. This is most fun and exciting game that people could be addicted very easily.

    What if SRP makes you decide to quit playing slot machines within 6 month while you enjoy playing slot machine?

    Your decision to fix gambling problem is not going to come up slowly. It is sudden feeling you will experience after you master SRP. I felt this, and our all SRP team felt all same. We don’t play other slot machine like Jenna because there is no fun and exciting game like Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. SRP Team were addicted gamblers who had played roulette, bacarrat, and slot machines in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and local casino. Now we are enjoy playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine only, and we are not addicted gambler anymore. Now playing Stinkin’ Rich is one of our weekend hobby which never affect our daily life.

  • New formation of SRP slot secrets was found by SRP Nanook


    After launching SRP v.3.0 XO, SRP Nanook found out new formation of SRP slot secrets that special formation leads to main trigger of Keys to Riches bonus. SRP Nanook has tested more than 200 times to verify the probability of matching KTR symbols. When SR players apply this technique with SRP v.3.0 techniques, KTR bonus will be matched without any limitation unless the machine is empty. This formation will be posted end of this weekend on SRP Master’s forum.

  • Which one is the Original Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine?


    Original Stinkin’ Rich Screen Shot

    <Original Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine >
    This is orignial Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine that SRP member are practicing SRP everyday.
    Difference: No fireworks after Big Win. Blue background at the bottom where credit information is displayed. Original cartoon, not imitation.
    • Pupple background
    • Logo color (Pink, Red and Navy blue)
    • No fireworks after big win or jackpot

    <New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine>

    • Black Background
    • Slow reel spin speed
    • Payline adjusting control is located inside menu button

    This is new Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine, and Most SRP techniques work on new machines, but touch screen feature is locked when KTR bonus is triggered. If you play SR machine with high payline betting above 50 lines per spin, it is fine to use SRP techniques. However, we do not recommend you to play new stinkin rich slot machine with low betting less than 35 paylines per spin because you can’t control the output to maximize return credit during the free spin bonus period.

    Please check your local casino before you join SRP.

    Thank you.

    SRP Team

  • Video Slot Machine Winning story from SRP member


    Again, SRP member made $625,00 by betting only 15 cents!

    It is not a coincidence. Again, one of our SRP member made $625,00 when he bet only 15 cents on Stinkin’ Rich Video Slot machine at Charlestown race and slots, WV. He got 5 free spins bonus, and at 4th spin, he stops wilds symbols on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th as directed on SRP v.2.0. There was two rich ladys was smiling on the center of 1st and 5th reel. Bonus credit was displayed 62500 points. He told us he’d been betting 15 X 2, but he just reduced the multipliers to X1 before the 5 free spins comes out. Anyway he was so happy and sent us this winning story from his blackberry at the casino.

  • Slot machine is not for loosers anymore!


    Our SRP members who mastered SRP v2.0 that creates free spin bonus instantly send us feedback about winning story with SRP v2.0. Based on feedback from SRP members, SRP is the most valuable secret you must have before playing Stinkin’ Rich Video Slot machine.

    Slot machine is not for losers anymore.

    With SRP you are always winner!

  • Another Hand pay $580 at Dover Downs, DE


    SRP team won again with SRP v.2.0 at Dover Downs, DE today.

    We bet only 15 cents and got Keys to Riches bonus. Yes, it gave us only 5 spins. Second spin, we got stacks of wilds on 2, 3, 4 reel with one Rich lady on 1st reel. Next spin, he stopped the 2, 3, and 4 reel in order. Those stacks of wilds came out and landed perfectly on same spots. But this time there is one more Rich lady was smiling on 5th reel.

    It was very lucky night, but we had more than 30 keys to riches bonus with SRP v.2.0. Even though we missed many bonuses when line bet is not enough to qualify unlined keys to riches bonus, we finally reached the goal to have Two lady with stacks of wilds.

    People always ask us “Do you always bet 15 cents?”

    SRP team always say “No, I do increase bet when I feel that keys to riches bonus come out”, and “I think I know when keys to riches bonus come out.” …

    People just don’t believe this, and they play 100 lines every spin until the machine eats all their money. It is sad, yes very.

  • From SRP New member’s forum…


    Just got the SRP on Sunday and headed out to Charles Town Casino. As it was our first time trying the system we were cautious. We were unable to get on a Stinkin Rich so we tried the Bombay technique. We started out with $60 and bet 1 cent until we saw the formation come up in the reels. We took the multiplier up to 3 and lines to 75 and hit the bonus after 24 spins. This one gave us $125 ….We shifted to a few more Bombay machines and we verified the system worked on 5 of the 7 Bombay machines we tried (In one case we triggered the bonus 3 times in 40 spins and then re-triggered it again during the bonus round. For a first time learning the system we came away with $389 total with a $60 dollar investment. We are very excited about taking a shot at a Stinkin Rich this weekend!

    Shocker / SRP Member

  • Delaware Park Tour

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    SRP team visited Delaware Park casino last Saturday. We played 2 cents SR machines and penny SR machines with SRP v.2.0, and we got more than 140 keys to riches bonus within 9 hours. However, the amount we won after all was only $400.00 because the bonus amount was very low if compared with Charles Town, WV or Dover Downs, DE. There are SR machines were available even though it was Saturday evening in the casino. Maybe that is the reason for returning very low amount when we got the free spin bonus. We had $8.99 cheese steak sub around 3 am at the cafe after waiting for 30 minutes. It was worst cheese steak sub we ever had. The coffee quality was really bad also. They need new management to increase quality of foods. No smoking in the building. Parking lots are too dark. Interior looks very old. One think I really like was players in the casino. There very friendly and funny. Overall, we do recommend SRP members to play SR with SRP v.2.0, but we do not recommend SRP members to eat foods at the casino.

    Play 2 cents SR machines with 15 cents bet during normal play and increase multiplier after …