• How do we differentiate the old stinkin rich slot machine and new stinkin rich slot machines? Are they available at all Casinos?


    There are two different stinkin rich slot machines in US casino. New stinkin rich slot machine : This version has firework feature when player win big credit. Original stinkin rich slot machine: original stinkin rich slot machine has blue background at the bottom part where credit information is displayed.


    <Original Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine >
    This is orignial Stinkin Rich Slot Machine that SRP member are practicing SRP everyday.
    Difference: No fireworks after Big Win. Blue background at the bottom where credit information is displayed. Original cartoon, not imitation.
    • Pupple background
    • Logo color (Pink, Red and Navy blue)
    • No fireworks after big win or jackpot
    <New Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine >
    • Black Background
    • Slow reel spin speed
    • Payline adjusting control is located inside menu button

    This is new Stinkin Rich Slot Machine, and Most SRP techniques work on new machines, but touch screen feature is locked when KTR bonus is triggered. If you play SR machine with high payline betting above 50 lines per spin, it is fine to use SRP techniques. However, we do not recommend you to play new stinkin rich slot machine with low betting less than 35 paylines per spin because you can’t control the output to maximize return credit during the free spin bonus period.

    Please check your local casino before you join SRP.

    Thank you.

    SRP Team



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