• I always play 100 lines. Can I get free spin even if I play less than 100 lines?


    The beauty of Stinkin’ Rich game is the free spin bonus that player always get 100 lines at least even if he or she bet only 1 cents. For example, if you bet 1 cents on 1 st line, and you get three matched keys to riches bonus symbols on 1 st line (center line), you get free spins. In the keys to riches bonus period, the machine give you full 100 lines. That’s why people love this game. If you bet 5 cents on first line with times 5 (1 X 5), you get 500 lines during the free spin bonus. Only difference is the number of bonus spins. For example, you don’t get full 35 spins if you bet less than 75 cents. The number of free spins is determined by the line bet when you get the matched symbols.

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