• SRP v.2.0

    SRP v.2.0

    Stinkin’ Rich Project (SRP) is a new type of slot machine system that will be adopted to video slot players sooner or later as all SRP members now know it. SRP refers to the complete control of Keys to Riches Bonus (KTR) from non-bonus period to bonus period. By Adjusting each character and careful observation of the results of each spins, a slot player can generate more than 10 times matched KTR symbols with increasing or decreasing line bet or multipliers than is currently playing Stinkin’ Rich game without Stinkin’ Rich technology. This will allow for the prediction of Keys to Riches bonus with saving bankroll for dramatically higher credit than is currently playing Stinkin’ Rich without SRP.

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    The Stinkin’ Rich Project v.2.0 Professional

    SRP v.2.0 reached the goal we promised in the beginning.

    Our goal is creating a system that could beat the Stinkin’ Rich Video Slot Machine, and we finally arrived the destination where we want you to follow. People always say that no one can win at slot machine. Hoever, we can win at slot machine because we know when to leave and we leave when we win. We don’t play until we lose.

    By mixing all techniques, you could enjoy the Stinkin’ Rich Video Slot Machine without thought, and It leads you to the very happy ending without no questions. SRP v.2.0 Master’s Collection works perfectly and we don’t want to modify any techniques.

    You can easily compare the difference between using SRP v.2.0 and playing without SRP v.2.0. It’s like you go to a battle without weapon. The chance you survive without SRP v.2.0 would be less than 5% at the battle with the Stinkin’ Rich Video Slot Machine.

    The simplicity of SRP techniques also makes you feel comfortable while playing the game, and the SRP system designed to play with confidence because all results are from predicted moments with SRP v.2.0.

    From now on, you do not need to say the word ‘LUCK’ anymore. All you need is a smart decision to obtain a collection of very best thinking and very best innovation for your entertainment.

    It is very clear, and It is a perfect system we don’t want to change.

    This book was not written for the people who want to make money. This book was not written for the revenge to a casino which generates million dollars from the addicted gamblers. This book is about a hope for the people who lost their way in the world. There are people who could not escape from the black hole of gamble, and some of them are addicted to gamble more and more.  Here, I revealed the secret for the people who desperately need a light to lead them from the darkness to new world they should be.  If you see the light after you master this secret, I don’t care how you apply this secret in real casino.  That is all up to you.

    See how SRP members enjoy Stinkin’ Rich Game with SRP v.2.0.

    All feedbacks are 100% true and received from real SRP members who purchased SRP v.2.0 from www.stinkinrich.net.


    J. T. / New SRP member

    Got small bonuses 3 in a row and noticed that I was getting the signs. Changed bet to 50 lines times 5 and was down to $1100. Bonus comes 25 spins first spin $200 second $500 then two huge spins and the screen shows 200,000 credits. All finished I got 250,000 credits and beautiful $5000 handpay. I love you and the system. In the spirit of the system and your generosity, I found an older man sitting at a machine and breezed by and handed him a $100 note and walked away without a word. He looked like he needed it. Thanks Nanook!!!!!


    Lief F/ SRP Member

    With technique and betting 15 lines @ 5 times, I got a diagonal KTR and 5 free spins. The first four spins paid $145.00, but the fifth spin I got the Rich Old Lady in the first column and stacked wilds in the next three columns. It paid me $1400.00. I got a hand pay of $1545.00. Next weekend I repeated the same as above on the same machine and got 5 free spins and a retrigger of 25 spins. I got one big hit with the Rich Old Man and stacked wilds. It paid $746.00 and I hit a few other credits during the 30 free spins. It totaled $1268.00.

    Michele / SRP Member

    I just wanted to thank you for the techniques provided in the Secret Garden! I started with $100.00 and after several keys to riches & trash can bonuses, I was able to bring my balance to over $781.00 on just one machine. I eventually cashed out at $700.00. The SRP formation and SRP technique worked just as stated in the SRP.

    Thanks again.


    Cousin Eddie / SRP Member

    Bombay Bang…not to mention a $1040 dollar jackpot on the 5 cent Bombay machine…I got diagonal princesses and 25 spins…hit stacked wilds on the 3rd spin. It would appear my luck is improving on the 5 cent machines…So, I decided to try my luck on the 2 cent machines…and had similar success, but with smaller jackpots…$340 + $334. Not to be outdone on the 1 cent machines…I hit for a $356 dollar Jackpot with an unlined bonus of only 5 spins…

    Tammy / SRP Member

    I had a HAPPY birthday! See how I made out at Motor City Casino in Detroit, MI! I was playing a 2 cent machine and not only did I get the stacked wilds one time, but I got the stacked wilds TWO times in the SAME bonus!

    Cousin Eddie / SRP Member

    I have been very successful, recently using the new Bombay Techniques to get to the Bombay free slots Bonus Round or the Three Lined Princesses, but I have experienced mixed results after the Bonus Round is complete. Sometimes I have hit some big jackpots Bombay Project techniques randomly on only 5 spins and sometimes I have re-triggered 3 times for over 80 spins only to win a very small jackpot.

    John / SRP Member

    We are going to Vegas Tuesday and last night I went to warm up on SR at one of the local game rooms here in town. I played 25 cents X 25 lines and on my 3rd. double click spin I hit the Fat lady and wilds. The next thing that showed up on the screen was a Jackpot of $5512.00

    Tom / New SRP Member

    We had a very good day using the new Bombay Project at CT Races. We took $300 to start and started off slow. The first two machines started showing the SRP’s empty machine signs. By now we were down to $230 but our luck changed quickly. We found one with a bonus showing that had paid about $50 dollars and been cashed out. We used the SRP technique right away and 13 spins later got a diagonal bonus for 25 spins and paid out about $75. After that we waited for the signs and the SRP formation lined up …from there we bumped our lines to 50 and multiplier to 3 and 23 spins later hit another diagonal for 25 spins, which paid out $315 so we were up! Soon after the free slots bonus spin we started seeing the bad signs so we moved on to another Bombay free slots. We were able to keep the bonuses coming and staying about break even on the $40 we put in until we saw SRP formation line up again….from there we were feeling lucky so we upped the lines to 100 and multiplier to 3….14 spins later we hit a 35 spin bonus for $355…from that we used SRP Technique 6 more times and got a 25 spin. This one was great…a screen full of wilds with the coins and elephants lining up all the way across the screen! One spin for $985 and total free slots bonus of $1342…..after that we had a nice dinner on the casino and enjoyed our Christmas winnings!

    Thanks Nanook!

    Cindy & Alvin / New SRP Member

    I have purchased the SRP v2.0 yesterday and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! We read the project and my husband and I went to the casino here in California and I am just sOoooo grateful for believing in the SPR! We wanted to play the stinkin rich but it was all being played so we found Bombay and sat down. We put in $60 and te formation came out! We got soo excited and started playing 3x mutiplier and we gt the bonus within 25 spins! We were AMAZED! Then… we started trying tostop the stacked wild….. and we did!! Thank you so much for sharing…We are so happy… We are going to Upgrade soon!