• SRP v.3.0 XO


    SRP v. 3.0 XO

    Stinkin’ Rich Project (SRP) v.3.0 XO is the Master version of SRP that will nationally innovate slot player’s betting control. SRP refers to the complete control of Keys to Riches Bonus (KTR) from non-bonus period to bonus period. By Adjusting each character and careful observation of the results of each spins, a slot player can generate unlimited matched KTR symbols with increasing or decreasing line bet or multipliers. This will allow for the prediction of Keys to Riches bonus with saving player’s bankroll. The SRP strategy can provide 30 times more Keys to Riches Bonus, and the innovative strategy how to find a loose Stinkin’ Rich machine is included.

    All you need is your 10 fingers. No illegal tools or device required.

    Previous version SRP v.2.0, which creates Keys to Riches Bonus has been dominating SRP Member’s entertainment at US casino. SRP team discovered new secrets, which  reduce the non-bonus period of timeline and increse the frequency of free spin bonus by special technique and observation. New secrets including Push technique and offset technique force to change the outcome of each spin of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. It means SRP members who uses SRP v.3.0 XO technique generate free spin bonus within very short period time and on screen credit by force to change the outcomes of each spin. By using SRP v.3.0 XO techniques, SRP members can save thousand of bankroll and play with high winning odds while playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine.

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    Ingrid / SRP Member

    i am having a great time using your information! i only have pictures on my phone, but i did win $2979.85 on 4 different bombay machines at ct. so, thank you very much!!! .


    Perry / SRP Member

    Hello NANOOK. I have been so busy but still playing SR and Bombay. SRP is the best. I feel left out of all the awesome jackpots posted on the website. I need to visit the blog soon. THX



    Jezehrj / SRP Member

    feedback from srp members New Feedback from SRP member where to play free bombay slot machine online stinking rich free stinkin rich slot machine free download stinkin rich online free Stinkin rich secrets to play bombay slot machine playing bombay slots play stinkin rich online play bombay slots online play bombay slot machines online play bombay slot machine for free nanuk slot machine nanuk machine slot free slots bonus land free slot machine games downloads free online slots 5 cent spin bombay slot machine review bombay slot machine play best bet to trigger keys to riches bonus 2h  better day yesterday! Went with 200 plus my free credits and between SR, Bombay, and a couple other lucky games walked out with 1700!!! Woooo!!


    srtmiami / SRP Member

    i’ve been meaning to upload all my pics that ive been able to take. i have done well with SRP 4.0 but still need to fine tune the strategy..



    Wendy / SRP Member

     I wanted to email you to let you know how I’m doing with your strategy since I purchased it a couples months back. I started out with 60 bucks in the machine, and i left with 130, went up to 228 at one point. The other night, I went up to almost 400 when i was down to 60 bucks and played for like 4 hrs on 60.00. I had a lot of people looking at my slot and wondering how in the world am I getting all those bonus rounds and they can’t even get one in 25 minutes, and I have to say it feels pretty good feedback from srp members New Feedback from SRP Member www stinkin rich keys to riches bonus report stinkin rich tragaperra gratis stinkin rich slots stinkin rich slot machine stinkin rich slot stinkin rich free keys to riches stinkin rich project review stinkenrichslotpics srp stinkin rich srp secrets srp secretes slotsstinkinrich nanook slot how to retrigger stickin rich casino bombay machine bombayslotmachine bombay slot machine bombay slot forum bombay project about stinkin rich  .

    So I just want to thank you for your tutorial.


    Rick / SRP Member

    With SRP technique and betting 15 lines @ 5 times, I got a diagonal KTR and 5 free spins. The first four spins paid $145.00, but the fifth spin I got the Rich Old Lady in the first column and stacked wilds in the next three columns. It paid me $1400.00. I got a hand pay of $1545.00. Next weekend I repeated the same as above on the same machine and got 5 free spins and a retrigger of 25 spins. I got one big hit with the Rich Old Man and stacked wilds. It paid $746.00 and I hit a few other credits during the 30 free spins. It totaled $1268.00.


    SnowPanama / SRP Member

    My winnings on bombay using the SRP technique which is betting less than the max lines I guess! When you enter the bonus you get max lines news Youtube video feedback from SRP member winning bombay slot machine where to play free bombay slot machine online tragamonedas keys to riches tragamonedabombay stinkinrich ent stinkin rich slots free download stinkin rich slot online srp technic slots slots from 2011 on youtube slot machine secrets to winning slot machine free play stinkin rich slot machine online free keys to the riches slot machines how to get stinkin rich keys to riches bonus free slots bonus spins download stinkin rich slot charlestown casino bombay slot nevada locations bombay slot machine strategy bombay slot machine despite what your bet was outside the bonus! This was at a Casino in Panama.



    P. / SRP Member

    We played solid on one machine for about 6 hours during the early hours and hit for 150 Keys to Riches bonuses. In the end the bonuses were very low and we only broke even for the day but the SRP really works well at helping bet control on the bad phases.


    Sierra153 / SRP Member

    <Casino Del Sol in Tucson>

    I have not experience any great hits but these are some of the good ones.  I was filming a bonus run of 65 spins but security came within a minute to shut me down.



    Rowdy /SRP member

    Playing the techniques in Florida and I have won two jackpots one for $1900 and $2500. Both jackpots were won on the Bonus using the SRP technique. The only bad thing at my casino is that the machines are all 2 cent machines and they have about 15 “new machines” and only 4 old machines. Very satisfied with my purchase of the strategy and I am heading out this morning to try the Bombay strategies.