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    The latest version of Stinkin’ Rich Project SRP v.4.0 SG is more than a winning slot system and strategy. New version includes new techniques that give Stinkin’ Rich slot player full control over the outcome of each spin. We are guarantee that SRP members enjoy playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine with SRP v.4.0 SG with saving thousand dollars of bankroll while playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. If you are a Stinkin’ Rich slot machine fan, you must learn SRP v.4.0 SG before you playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine.

    SRP v.4.0 Secret Garden (SG) is the master collection of Stinkin’ Rich Slot Secrets. If you learn all SRP techniques, playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine will be your best entertainment for your lifetime.

    SRP Team and Nanook provide one to one technical support for SRP members through SRP Masters Forum and email. We keep updating new techniques of SRP v.4.0 SG to all SRP v.4.0 SG members at the SRP SG Forum.


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    Mhykay / SRP Member

    We again cashed out over $600.00. We used the bonus round strategies presented in the “Secret Garden” and they paid off just as promised! We are so grateful for you being generous enough to share your SRP findings! I have attached the pictures!
    Thanks again.

    KIP / New SRP Member

    LOL! Thank you so much Nanook and SRP Team for the info that just added to what I had been thinking but didn’t know how to apply it. When I say it didn’t take long, I mean just that! I went to a Bombay machine and sat there for a minute so I could think of what I’d seen others do in the past and realized you really had the science figured out as good as it can get. Once I could get my nerves settled down, I began to take it slow with my eyes open for the signs to appear… less tha 20 minutes in I hit the bonus for the first time and won $234.17. Within the next hour until I cashed out I had won a total of $1,093.99! I’m still laughing and amazed how a small investment of $20.00 could beat Wall Street in one night. LOL!

    Your secret is safe with me!

    angbuzz / New SRP Member

    Hi, Im a new member. I’m glad that there are people addicted like me. I have a stinkin rich machine in the house which gives me a cheaper way to practice. I have been doing pretty good on my own but notice my way works but I really didnt know why. So I got the book and found out what I really need to look for. Although I think there are shortcuts to get to the ktr and the book goes a longer expensive way. It did lead me in the right direction. I also notice that the payoffs are allllooooottttt more. Even though I am practicing I really havent lost much money. I cant wait to try it at the casino.

    ElevenFate / SRP member

    The program has been most helpful so far and I have to say that the empty signs you explain are seemingly right on target along with some other information you share and I think the system – while not perfect – is a really great advantage for any player. I have to admit that so far I have had two different players sitting next to me at diferent casinos see that I must be on to something and even ask me what it is that I am looking for or at……….all I say is – just a lucky day I guess because I have been betting 15 cents at 1Xs pay and bumping it to 25 cents at 3Xs when the trigger comes up and the Princess Bonuses are happening more often and are paying out NICELY and re-triggeres more than I have ever seen………..this is all while the player next to me is spinning the reels at $1 per roll and more without getting the same results……….

    Suzana / SRP Member

    OK – good investment of my money so far and I had a LOT of fun with it – NEVER expected to win $1,700 – that was sweet – I have a few photos but not great ones as I was trying to NOT cause attention to myself…….

    srtmiami / SRP Member

    i have have been using the SRP techniques for around 3 months at the Seminole hard rock casino in hollywood FL on 1 2 3 and 5 cent machines. i have hit for 1200 dollars twice and 700 dollars 3 times. I enjoy using the SRP techniques and think its a wise purchase. thanks Nanook for sharing your secrets! i will post pics soon!!

    Leif F / SRP Member

    I recently got the SRP 4.0 with the Bombay 1.0. I tried it on a Bombay at our local casino, started with $ 40.00 and got the signs of SRP. After 3 bonuses that paid between $40.00 and $80.00 i got a new with 10 spins, the third spin gave the coins and wilds……77382 credits, total bonus $939.00!!!!!

    Thanks Nanook it really works

    Tammy / SRP Member

    I love the slot machine, Stinkin Rich. I have had numerous nice hits on the machine and tend to gravitate towards this machine everytime I am at a casino.

    When I saw this website, I was excited and at the same time skeptical. I reasearched it and found negative comments on the slotmachinesforum.com members calling “the secret” a scam. I debated with myself and finally decided, “What the Heck”- some nights I lose this much if not more at the casino. If “the secret” can help me, it will all be worth it. If not, just another lose. I took the dive and made the investment. I spent some time studying then decided to head to the casino to give “the secret” a try. Had $105 free play from the casino. Was able to play for 5.5 hours and left the casino with $220. (Got up to $400 at one time.) I will donate 10% and still paid for “The Secret” WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! The strategies worked as described,, although we still have to practice some more. Overall, extremely happy that I made the investment with Stinkin Rich Project. Customer service is also awesome!! I emailed them about 3 different times and Nanook was very prompt and helpful in his responses.

    If you are reading this and are debating whether or not to make the purchase, just do it!

    You will not regret your decision.Good Luck with those “One Armed Bandits”!

    Harold / SRP Member

    I got the bonus again by doing the same thing, SRP technique, but now I have a small circle of people around me and the machine watching to see if I was going to win more money and to see what I was doing. I told them to go to your website and check it out. After a few spins I got the bonus again, after a few spins on the bonus I got wilds and the old lady, the bonus paid over five hundred dollars. I left the casino with $1,800.00 in my pocket.