• Stinkin Rich Project Member’s Feedback


    After receiving SRP, I got the 2nd column of all wilds, and by using the strategy of the SRP, I increased my bet to 50 lines times 5. On the 8th spin I got the rich old lady in the 1st column top cell and the cheese in the 2nd cell, the 2nd column was 3 wilds in top 3 cells, the 3rd column was 2 wilds in the top 2 cells, and the 3rd column was 3 wilds in the top 3 cells, the 5th column was the rich old lady in the top cell and the cheese in the 2nd cell. I hit a jackpot of $2535.00. After I received my money for the jackpot, I kept playing the machine because the secret kept coming up, so I increased my bet lines and amount per line and by the technique I got the keys to riches bonuses several times.

    Rick / SRP Member

  • Play Stinkin’ Rich slot game on PC or Mac


    Stinkin’ Rich Slot game software on PC was released to public for long time ago, but many slot players who love play Stinkin Rich slot machine did not realized because the Stinkin’ Rich game was buried under Larry’s Lobstermania slot game title. After we obtained the Stinkin’ Rich Slot game, we have tested all features of Stinkin’ Rich game. About 80% of features are same as the Stinkin’ Rich game in casino, and all graphics and sound are same as real stinkin rich slot machine installed in real casino.

    As an extream Stinkin’ Rich Fan, I am not sure that I have to recommend this Stinkin’ Rich slot game for PC to our SRP members or people who love playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. There is two reason that I could not make strong recommendation. First, no money involved. It could be wasting time to play without any profit. You never be excited while playing this PC version of Stinkin Rich slot machine. Second, PC version has no touch screen feature. If there is stinkin rich slot machine for PC on IPAD or other touch screen devices, I probably recommend to own it because slot players can practice SRP techniques with this PC software game.  Unfortunately, there is no Stinkin Rich software game for PC with touch screen feature yet.

    In addition, there is no exetcitement because we can control the payout rate if we want. There are two options. the options are are normal and high payout. IGT probably knew the factors that there is no motivation to play this play-money games. I think that’s why they put 20 popular video slot games on one CD.

    We need more time to test this PC version. We will post more about this Stinkin’ Rich game for PC.

    We are not promoting or criticize the Stinkin’ Rich slot machine for PC or any affiliate of software company. This is not an advertising article or posting to promote the game CD. It’s just my opinion about the Stinkin Rich slot game foPC or MAC.

    Check out below link and think about it.

    IGT Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania

    (Stinkin’ Rich slot games are included on Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania slot CD)

    For more information, contact us anytime.



  • Youtube video feedback from SRP member


    My winnings on bombay using the SRP technique which is betting less than the max lines I guess! When you enter the bonus you get max lines 🙂 despite what your bet was outside the bonus! This was at a Casino in Panama.