• You’re Safe!

    Welcome to Stinkin’ Rich Project.

    I love to play Stinkin’ Rich than any other players in the world, and I love to share the every details of of Stinkin’ Rich Project with you when you are ready to open the door to the world of Stinkin’ Rich Project. However, It’s really hard to prove something unless people change their perception and stereotypes. Only thing I can do is to keep showing the winning result of players who joined the system. I have provided all supports to our members personally and developed new SRP system for all SRP members.

    There are some facts that you need to think before you leave this site.

    1. Have you ever found any negative feedback about this system?

    -If this system is nor working, there must be fraud report or scam complaints on Internet search engine because we’ve been on Internet almost 4 years.

    2. Some people who think this system is a scam including few members from slotmachinesforum.com and tripadvisor.com are just assuming without testing the complete system. I checked their ID and email, but they have never joined SRP before.

    – Currently, there are over 500 active SRP members in USA, Canada, Argentina, and Peru. I might think about to close my site if they claim this system does not work as described, but I have confidence to keep developing this system because of our member’s strong support by sending me feedback with winning pictures. All members are waiting for next version of SRP now.

    3. All the winning pictures on SRP blog site were delivered by emaiil and forum postings from our members. I posted all the winning pictures and feedback from our members who joined and learned the system. This is only way to prove our system is real working system.

    4. We have SRP Masters Forum site where all members share the system information and new strategies. This forum forum site is the most important part of the system. It is the main engine part of the system. It’s very simple to distinguish a real working system from other scams. Have you ever seen any scam product or site that provides member’s support forum?

    5. Every slot players has their slot strategy in their mind. This system is one of the slot strategy I found 6 years ago, and I have developed the system to get better results, There is no illegal tools or illegal methods required to practice this system in casino. I think it is unfair to call someone’s strategy as a scam without any testing.

    6. This system is not a money making system. Many people are misunderstanding about this system. If you are a slot player who like to play Stinkin’ Rich or Bombay slot machine, they probably know the fact that all free spin bonus do not pays you big amount. However, the structure of free spin bonus payout gives player great advantage when free spin bonus is triggered. Our system is generating the free spin bonus much more and much faster. Thus, by learning this system, players have great advantage, and it increases the winning odds of playing Stinkin’ Rich and Bombay slot machine. (All the winning results are vary by each player’s betting control.)

    8. This system is including full member support. Think this system as a short training course. we support all new members until they fully understand the system by one to one support with email, Q&A, and forum posting and answers. I still support members who joined the system in 2009 without any charges. There is no up-charge or annual membership fee required. Once you are in, you are a life time member until they casino remove the slot machine. I don’t think it is going to be happened within 10 years.

    You are safe! Make a right decision!

    English is second language for me. Sorry about grammar mistakes if you found any. (I don’t have any problem to communicate with our members to provide supports.

    If you have any question about SRP, feel free to contact me anytime.

    Welcome to the world of Stinkin’ Rich Project.